1. TERM OF AGREEMENT: This agreement involves the 20__ season.

Beegiver will supply grower with ________ bee hives (at the discretion of Beegiver, hives may be split to prevent swarming and additional hives may be located at no increased charge. An empty hive or swarm trap may be located at the location, Beegiver discretion, at no additional charge.) Beegiver will conduct all maintenance of hive(s) in a manner to prevent negligence.

Hives will be delivered to
______________________________ by June 20, 20__.

Description of hive placement in field:

Beegiver will leave bees until: spring 20__ (If contract is not renewed, hives may be removed as early as November 20__ for winter storage at discretion of Beegiver. If Beehaver decides to terminate contract and have hive removed sooner, there is no refund of any payment. Beehaver is to provide minimum 14 days notice of desired removal of hive. Beegiver is responsible for removing of the hive upon the non-renewal or notice from Behaver as described.

Beekeeper is not responsible and, as a condition of this agreement, will be held harmless for
inherent risk of bee stings to people, animals, or livestock.

Beehaver will provide a suitable place to locate hives. The site must be accessible to Beegiver’s
vehicles. Beehaver will allow Beegiver entry whenever necessary to service the bees, and Beehaver assumes full responsibility for all loss and damage to their property resulting from the use of vehicles over agreed routes in servicing bees.

Beehaver will not apply highly toxic pesticides

Beehaver will pay for bee services of __________ hives of bees at $ _____ per hive.

As a condition of this agreement, grower agrees to hold beekeeper harmless from any and all
claims of injury or damage to person or property which might arise from beekeeper’s performance of this agreement between beekeeper’s placement and removal of hives from grower’s fields or orchards.

WHEREOF, the undersigned parties have made this agreement,
Address _________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________


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