Sorry no more bees available for private homes for 2012 (bees all ordered and paid for,) but you can get on list for 2013!

Hive-At-Your-Home (2012 bookings have ended!!!)
Sign up to be on top of list for 2013 by e-mailing your contact info, hive location, and number of hives.
*A hive located and maintained at your qualifying place for 2013.
*You name “your” hive, you name the queen and receive 2013 hive updates of your hive (background of the bees and queen, whats going on, maintenance plans, seasonal info, bee info.)
*You will receive both a jar of RAW, untreated honey and a piece of cut comb (from “your” hive as long as there is enough for bees to overwinter.)
*You have the first right of purchase of any honey harvested from “your” hive at 50% of retail value

Hive-At-Your-Home times two.
As simply as doubling down on the benefits of one Hive-At-Your-Home.

E-mail contact:HiveAtYourHome

You can pay through Paypal (credit or bank) or by mailing a check but I want to talk to you and confirm first.

Hive At Your Home will service 1 hr radius from Nashua, NH (check google maps and your house.)
Review “Qualifying location for having a Hive At Your Home requirements” in Frequently Asked Questions page.


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  2. We saw the article in the Hippo and were so excited. We live on 5.5 acres in Pittsfield and think our plants would love some bees and y
    The bees would enjoy living here. We are also interested in learning as much as possible. Let us know if this would work

    T and D

  3. I live in rural Hudson NH, and would love to have a hive here. I grow lots of flowers & blueberries. I really don’t know much about hive/beekeeping, though.

  4. So sad that we are too far away here in Keene NH – this is a fantastic thing that you are doing – very impressed!!!!

  5. We’d love to sign up for 2013, probably one hive. We have a small farm in Chester, NH, and have been thinking about bees for a while now. But, it seems like taking on too much all at once to get going – all the equipment, learning curve, etc. What a great way of getting introduced to bees! Really looking forward to it. Is there something else we need to do?
    Thank you for offering this.
    Karen and Jeff Geary
    Ps. We just saw you on Chronicle.

  6. I am very much interested in signing up for a hive for 2013. I have done some research , but would feel better having an expert get me started. We have a 30 acre property in Brentwood, NH and have lots of flowers and some fruit to pollinate. Let me know when and where to send the deposit.
    Jane Savage

  7. I saw you on Chronicle and I am so excited in having bees. Always wanted them, my uncles used to have them for Sue Bee Honey in the South. I don’t like the thought of beeing stung so this is perfect. We have a small place with lots of flowers, a small garden and want to purchase fruit trees. Sorry to hear they are gone but look forward to getting on your list for 2013.
    Kathy and Mark Butterfield

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